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Certification services of certification center «Gortest Ural»

The “Gortest Ural” is a federal certification center with a state accreditation in Russian Federation. Due to that it is able to provide services in full compliance with applicable Russian laws and requirements. Our center offers help and assistance in the field of conformity assessment procedures at all times. Our experts and trained professionals are always glad to be of use in the issuance of the official certification documents, approvals and permits.

The “Gortest Ural” offers the following certification services:
With the aid of our accredited certification center it is possible to obtain a wide range of certification documents, as listed below:

  • Certificate and Declaration of Conformity in GOST R system – national certification system in Russian Federation
  • Certificate and Declaration of Conformity in accordance with Technical Regulations — certification system of the Custom Union
  • Quality Management System certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and so on
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological certificates and other documents
  • Ecological Euro 5 Certificate of Compliance for cars and vehicles
  • Wide range of various permits, approvals and supporting documentation

Certification center “Gortest Ural” provides consultation services on a gratuitous basis. Please contact our center at any time, and we will be glad to provide answers for any questions concerning certification and technical regulation. Our experts can be of great assistance in gathering all the necessary official documents to pass certification procedures, licensing and so on.

Our advantages

The certification center “Gortest Ural” offers its clients follows:

    • best value for money for all our certification services
    • the shortest possible time for conformity assessment procedures
    • quick decision of all problems during certification process
    • prompt and correct definition of documents required in your case.

We always take into account customer requirements and preferences.

Professional approach to certification
Our center works in the field of certification for more than ten years. The holding company includes several certification bodies each with a broad scope of accreditation. 16 branches in different parts of Russia provide well-coordinated work and efficient customer interaction on the whole territory of Russian Federation.
We also work with customers from Custom’s Union and efficiently cooperate with foreign partners. For our professionals there is no intractable issue in the area of certification!
High proficiency and experience of the certification center employees helps to solve any task as soon as possible.

“Gortest Ural” office is situated in an extremely convenient location, in the very heart of the Yekaterinburg city, minutes away from main business routes not only of the city itself, but of local region and Yekaterinburg federal district. Please get in touch with our specialists, and you can rest assured that this will save you time and money. All you have to do is to prepare a minimal required documentation package and we’ll carry out for you all the rest of certification or licensing processes in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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